70 Year Old Woman Looks Like 30 and Shares Her Diet Secrets

In case you want to visit  the fountain of youth, in case you feel aged, we are going to present you one women who has 70 and looks like 30, will tell her secret.

The only thing you need to do is to inform yourself for the fountain, and stay forever young.

This secret will be bear out by Annette Larkins from the Miami, Florida. The woman has 70 years, and you will never guess that.

It is the same with her mother and grandmother, who also look like her, very young.

In her family her aunt died from cancer, and her family also followed diabetes.

She explained that the diet is the key to long and beautiful life. She grows organic fruit and vegetables which are something great, that she consume clean food, which she cultivates.

Also she is growing greens, herbs, banana tree, berries, hydroponics for cucumber and lettuces and wheat grass.

Every morning she is waking up in 5:30 and starts her day.

She speaks 3 languages, and has big library at home, so she spends great time in there. While they go with her husband in the market, the people actually think that she is his daughter, not his wife.

The raw diet which is she consuming only raw ingredients, and she won’t consume if it is manufactured in the factory.

She is a star in the vegan diet community. She has talked to a lot of televisions.

‘’Let the medicine be thy medicine and medicine be thy food’’- Hippocrates.


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