This is What Happens When A Man Makes Love to A Pregnant Woman!!

Have you thought about what is happening when a pregnant woman is making love?

You think it is possible for the baby to be touched with the head of the penis?

Firstly the baby is in the uterus and it is floating inside with amniotic fluid.

Furthermore, the uterus is protected by cervix, which is rigid barrier to the vagina. Over the course of the pregnancy is slowly is opening. It is important to mention that the birth canal is 3 – 7 inches in length, which depends on the woman’s state of aro’usal.

In addition we are going to present you the ultrasound picture with an actual penis inside a woman who has 6 months baby in her stomach.

During the sex, the penis can perfectly fit into the free space underneath the cervix and uterus..

It is NOT possible for the penis to touch the baby in the woman stomach, but it can Jostle the baby.

It depends of the man’s penis length, they can perfectly jostle of push the baby.

At the photo you can see that is quite possible for the shaft of the penis to “brush up against” the cervix, which actually will “jostle” the contents of the amniotic sac and therefore will “jostle” the growing baby.


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