Do You Have These Two Holes on Your Back? Take a Look and Read This to Find Out What Does It Mean!

What are the Dimples of Venus and Apollo?

Some people have symmetrical indents holes on their backs. These are located directly above the Posterior Superior Illiac Spine and the gluteal cleft.

Both men and women can have these dimples, known as the fossae lumbales laterales. In layman’s terms they are called dimples of Venus, named for the Roman goddess of beauty.

If men have them they are known as Dimples of Apollo. Apollo was the name of the ancient Roman sun god, and he was thought to be the son of Jupiter.

What is the Purpose of these Dimples?

The dimples are formed by a short ligament pulling the skin toward the spine. These short ligaments appear to be a genetic trait. There is no clear biological purpose for dimples of Venus or Apollo. In fact, not everyone has them.

Surgeons use them as a reference point for placing spinal screws during some back surgeries. Many women who have dimples of Apollo claim that lovemaking is more pleasurable. Additionally, both men and women find these dimples attractive.

Why Doesn’t Everyone Have Them?

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